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EDesign is an opportunity to work one-on-one with an interior designer and it is all done completely online. For long-distance projects is the perfect way to have the advertise from a design expert.  It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer for full range of services since everything is delivered right to you via email. You provide us with your room sizes, photos, budget and we will custom design your personal digital Inspiration Boards full of exciting suggestions for your project. The process is easy, so let’s begin this design journey together!

Our process is simple.  We collect the information about your vision, the design space and your personal tastes.  From there, we create a custom design plan that will guide you to implement the design on your own.  You can tackle each space as budget allow and at your own pace.  With the eDesign package you will get:

  • Initial 45-minutes phone call or Skype to discuss your project
  • One concept board that will contain pieces selected specifically for your project
  • Up to 2 revisions of the concept board to refine options as needed 
  • Rendering of the final design
  • Floorplan of the room layout
  • Product Shopping List with links to purchase items
  • Installation Guide with designer notes
  • Direct messaging with your designer

Interior Design

If you’ve ever looked around your home and wondered if you should make changes, you aren’t alone. Sometimes it can be more unsetting to spend time in your home when you know there are things you’d rather change about it. It can eve cause stress if it feels like your home is just somewhere you can’t fully relax. 

From the paint color to the furniture, rugs to window treatments, every choice you make for your home impacts the overall look and feel. Decorating your home and making it a place that feels good to you will result in you having a more relaxing environment to enjoy living in. you won’t have the feeling that you’re putting things off, and your home will look fabulous to boot.

Since our meetings take place in your place, we’ll work with you to help visualize a design solution that aligns with your taste, space, and budget. Our personalized approach ensures that everything we recommend will fit perfectly within your existing furnishings and space. In case some pieces of furniture may be changed or added, we  make sure the overall look of the room fits your expectations and feel completely yours. With the Interior Design package you will get:

  • Conceptual design
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Selection
  • Lighting Plan
  • 3Dimensional
  • Wallpaper and Paint Color Selection
  • Window Treatment 
  •  Rooms Design (Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc)
  • Closet Design
  • Purchasing Services
  • Construction Administration

Renovation / Construction

A project is structured in different phases, each of them are an important key to be successful. From phase “a” to phase “z”, we have the capability, expertise and knowledge to handle each project and each challenge they may bring. It is very important to complete each phase in order to avoid future complications or budget misunderstandings. 

From conceptual design to construction competition, we go through all the ways until project is fully  completed. Our partnerships with general contractor, vendors and suppliers is a great way to offer our clients one point of contact to achieve their goals. 

The process of renovating your home can be a little bit exhausted at some points, but with help of experts in the industry the whole process is more joinable. Let’s start this journey of renovations together!! With the renovations/construction package you will get:

  • Budget Planning
  • Construction Administration
  • Contractors Sourcing
  • Project Management/Supervision
  • Material Sourcing
  • Customized Millwork
  • Final Staging & Styling

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